Face Foundation 4 Pets

The evening of September 11, the Face Foundation held a gala celebration at The Lot in La Jolla where supporters enjoyed cocktails during the reception hour, followed by a sit-down dinner within the patio.

FACE's Save A Life Program was created to address the tragedy of economic euthanasia. What started out as a beautiful vision to stop the surrender and euthanasia of beloved family pets has become a supportive center where families in crisis can get a helping hand to save their pets' lives.

FACE grantees are typically low-income families, senior citizens, veterans, military families, students, disabled individuals, or hard-working families and individuals who struggle to survive paycheck to paycheck. 

With a tagline of "Saving Pets and Helping Families," FACE's work is just as important for the animals we save as it is for the families who are spared th heartbreak of losing their best friend.

FACE proudly works with over 180 veterinary hospitals throughout San Diego County.

Support can be provided at Face4Pets.org

Photography by Bryan Dahl