Options For All Magic Hour

The Magic hour, a moment when the sun is gone, but the light is not. A moment when the sky burns in beautiful hues and erases the division of light and shadow, creating equality in luminance. A rarity sought by the world’s most keen eyes and appreciators of beauty.

In cinema, the magic hour is the most honored hour of the day. Just ask those in our Film and Media program. It’s the time of day when you can capture that magic shot. A moment compelling enough to stop and take in the beauty of liquid oranges, pastel pink blushes, swirling corals, and soft hazy purple shadows.

Thirty-five years ago, we embarked on a path toward creating universal social equality, much like what this hour achieves with light. Our impact has been considerable, but our continued success depends upon on a continued and generous patronage. 

On August 27th, on the lawn of the Hotel Del Coronado at nearby the ocean waters, Options For All honored their donors the way cinema honors the Magic Hour. Attendees at the Magic Hour celebrated the contributions from generous patrons and raised a glass in their honor at the timeless Hotel del Coronado.

Photography by Gilda Adler