Reception At The Timken

"The Romantic Impulse in the American Landscape Tradition" surveying a variety of representations from the 18th to the 21st centuries is now showcasing at the Timken and was featured at a special opening night reception held at the museum on January 25th. A centerpiece for the display is the Timken's own painting by Thomas Moran, Opus 24: Rome from the Campagna, Sunset

Although Moran was born in England, and this painting recreates a scene that he first observed well into the 21st century in Italy, Opus 24 nonetheless epitomizes American artists' enduing fascination with sublime subjects and their origins in European thought.

Romanticism remains a discernible strain in American landscape practice. Works by later artists in the exhibition -- from Arthur Wesley to April Gornik and Sandow Birk -- suggest the persistence of romantic tendencies well into the 21st century. 

Photographs by Gilda Adler