Tea In The Secret Garden

On January 22nd, The Rancho Santa Fe Tea3 Foundation held their Tea in a Secret Garden as their inaugural social event highlighting the Foundation's creation by a group of local residents seeking to expand the impact of their philanthropic endeavors in the lives of children, military families and animals in the community. An innovative project-based model will focus on accountability and control of the funds raised by delivering completed projects in lieu of cash to their beneficiaries.


The organization will be funded through special events, membership fees, sponsorships, in kind donations and strategic partnerships providing time, talent and treasure to minimize overhead costs. 


“We believe that each person has Time, Talent, or Treasure to give to the good of the community, so we have adopted this principle as our Mission and driving force”, states Sandra den Ujil, the foundation’s founding President. “This means that organizations dedicated to helping children, military, and animals are able to identify and submit their fundraising needs to the Foundation’s Board of Directors, who vote on them, raise the funds, and manage the project from beginning to end. This helps to create a sense of tangible accomplishment not only for the Foundation members, but for the sponsors and strategic partners that team up with Tea3 Foundation as well,” she added.


Ms. Den Ujil is joined on the founding Executive Board of Directors by Sandra DiCicco, Vice-President, Gina Jordan, Secretary, Deana Ingalls, Treasurer, and Pooneh Hamzei, Events.

Rancho Santa Fe Tea3 Foundation is a 501 (c )3 corporation.

Tea3 Foundation

Photography by Gilda Adler