Tea3 Foundation Gala

After many years of local fundraising for our community, it is time to branch out and grow!

In desiring to create a bigger impact in our community, a small group of us have formed a new local, project-based foundation, called Rancho Santa Fe Tea3 Foundation, allowing us to keep our own control and accountability of the funds we raise.  We believe that each person has Time, Talent, or Treasure to give to the good of the community, so we have adopted this principle as our Mission and driving force.


Rancho Santa Fe Tea3 Foundation was born to complete projects for organizations dedicated to helping children, military, and animals.  Organizations are able to submit projects to the Foundation and the Board of Directors, who vote on them, making sure that with the funds that are raised, we complete these projects from beginning to end.  This helps to create a sense of tangible accomplishment not only for the members, but for our sponsors and strategic partners that team up with Tea3 Foundation as well!