Computer Coding

Why Every Child Should Learn To Code

Computer programming teaches more than one would imagine for a child or young adult. It has long been acknowledged that the activities that are part of a child's growing years shape the way that they think as adults. Enabling kids to create software can have a profound and positive impact on their personal development at an age that is most meaningful. Aside from the fact that creating your own computer games is simply a lot of fun, there are many reasons why kids can benefit from learning to code, and all can be identified as very important facets in their growth at that early age in their life. 

Understanding Computer Science: Computers follow strict, math-based logic. Learning to navigate these rules can be challenging. Our brains are constantly changing and developing, but never as rapidly as in childhood. Exposing kids to new thoughts and ideas, and challenging them to master a new skill will have a lasting impact on their development.

Creativity, Art, Design: Making a game or an app has many fascinating and unexpected aspects to it, with room to be creative, artistic and explore the various meanings of "design".

Engineering & Problem Solving: Coders are called "Software Engineers" for a reason. Building a system of complex mechanisms requires inventiveness and tinkering. Figuring out how to make a program of fixing a glitch in one is a unique process requiring strong problem solving skills. Developing these skills will change the way kids think and give the the mindset of an engineer.

Jobs Of The Future: Buzzwords like Virtual Reality, Self Driving Cars, and Big Daa are found in economic news every day - often in the context of replacing jobs with technology. Knowing how to code will give children an edge on tomorrow's job market.

Business And Entrepreneurship: Building software means creating a product that provides value for a market. Programming shows kids how to change their role from consumer to producer.

Coding Gives Kids The Ability To Execute On Their Own, Possibly World Changing Ideas: In his fourth year of teaching families within the North County Oliver Siegel offers private in-home lessons to families interested in providing their child with a grasp of the computer language that drives the world in so many different ways. or 734.788.8899