Detoxing Your Body Is A Good Thing

some health-related detoxing tips are a start in the right direction


While it may seem a common practice to schedule a remake of your home or office, you might want to consider giving your body a tune-up as well by detoxing — a process that is rooted in many traditional health practices such as ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Consult your health care provider before undergoing any type of detox, however, data suggest that most individuals without chronic medical conditions can withstand a simple detox, and the simplest of plans is to drink more water. Consistently drinking water each day can help rid your body of toxins even if you do nothing else to rid yourself of whichever variety of eating or drinking habits may, in fact, seriously affect your overall health, energy level, and what might otherwise be joyful longevity.

Alcohol acts as a toxin in the body and can promote dehydration. Reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption is a large step in the right direction and as a result increases your opportunity to drink more water. 

Cut down on caffeine. Coffee, soda and the like are diuretics and can have a toxic effect on the body by depleting it of water and, like alcohol, cause dehydration. Curb the caffeine and replace it with water, especially enhanced, alkaline, ionized water, which has been shown to promote energy and overall health by allowing the body to absorb water more quickly. There are a variety of enhanced water products on the market, Alkame Water being one of the more popular.

Track your water intake. Most people don’t pay attention to how much water they drink daily, which usually isn’t enough. Aim for two quarts or eight 8-ounce glasses each and every day. It may at first seem a hefty amount to consume, however, the results over a relatively short period of time will prove itself to be the proper course should you desire a healthful approach to gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.