Equestrian Majesty

Gabrielle Benot Captures The Essence Of Equestrian Lifestyle

Gabrielle Benot, of Latvian descent, has developed a reputation as a major figure in equestrian art. Showcased within galleries and by private parties on a global scale, she is passionate about capturing the equestrian experience in artistic form. The artistic quality of her work transcends genre classification, her artistry reflecting elements of abstract, impressionism and modern art. Aside from her teachers at the Royal Fashion Academy, she was in influenced and inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, and Pino Daeni, among others. Her creative genius was on display when adding her signature to one of the equestrian statues displayed at the Fairgrounds and various venues around Del Mar during the showcasing of the Breeders’ Cup held at the Del Mar racetrack. Emerging as rising star in global art, design and fashion, Benot’s work is both inspired and inspiring; timelessly beautiful, and timelessly in motion.