It May Just Be In The Cards

An Unlikely Find Along The Pathways In La Jolla That May Just Be For Real

La Jolla ~ The Jewel of San Diego ~ where one goes for beautiful views, upscale shopping, gourmet restaurants and ..... spiritual advising? And why not? For centuries, people have sought out directions for all facets of their lives, even if most would not seek this path for a bearing on what lies ahead or might they given mystic the powers of a true psychic. What better location for some calming treatment and insight ~ nestled among the jewelry shops and fine art galleries on ritzy Prospect Street, 1224 is tucked away down a shaded brick walkway with a rather magnificent view of the ocean. 

The spiritualist fortunate enough to be in this wonderful location is Cathia, a very calming, yet affirming presence. Her "office" (as she refers to her place of business) is airy and bright, with a comfortable sofa and ottoman, surrounded by tables and shelves displaying various tchotchkes, large quartzes and crystal balls. It's a very comfortable space ~ not at all like you might see in a b-movie when filming a scene with a tarot reader: a frightened girl enters a room through a curtain, in which it's very dark, and there's only a table, 2 chairs, a candle and a stuffed crow in the corner with a menacing stare. Cathia's office is the antithesis of that, very open and welcoming.

Walking into Cathia's office as a first-timer, she'll present you with the option of a tarot reading, psychic reading or palm reading, at times in combination. If you choose tarot, she will then proceed with a deck of tarot cards. As she reveals cards throughout the reading, she will interpret the picture on each card, as each carries its own message. A session can go as long as 45 minutes, depending on how detailed it gets. But how does she actually do it?

As Cathia has reiterated, it's a gift ~ you have to truly know the cards, and you use your gift to interpret them. Anyone can purchase a tarot deck and booklet ~ but a truly gifted person will conduct the session using their gift alone. No book. No cue cards. She will interpret what the pictures and symbols on the cards mean in relation to you; it may not be literally what's on the card, but an interpretation that will connect to happenings in your life. She asks no questions; seeks no answers. It's in the cards and her inherent ability to interpret their meanings as they turn face forward.

Of course, skeptics abound. This doesn't deter Cathia. Her gift is something she sees as very natural, passed down through the ages; she defends the use of tarot cards for guidance, noting "Advising goes back to the Egyptians when they had sorcerers and astronomers." Difficult to pinpoint, there are many theories on the origin of tarot cards. One theory is the Egyptian God of Wisdom possessed a book called the Book of Truth, and Thoth's priests, who provided the illustrations for the first tarot cards, engraved the book onto gold plates. Another theory has gypsies from India introducing them to Europe. Many subscribe to the theory of using cards to tell the future originated from a German book called "Book of Fates" in the late 1400's. You would shuffle an ordinary deck of cards, draw a card and look in the book for the meaning and how it's related on your life.

Even the origin of the word "tarot" splits opinions ~ some say it's French, some say Italian, while others say Arabic. What is indisputable is that it has held up though the ages as a form of fortune telling all across the globe. Can those who hold faith simply be true believers or is there really some essence to what is revealed by the truly gifted?

When Cathia is about to read someone, she asks no questions ~ stating, "The less I know about someone, the better my gift comes in." She will ask you if you want to know everything ~ the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most people do. And just who are these people? Based in such a gorgeous tourist attracting town, she does get her share. The sign on Prospect Street prominently advertises, so people do sometime just wander in. 

She has a 40% share of male clients, which does sound surprising, as most people associate females with an activity of this sort. But, she does get her regulars, too ~ some as frequently as once a week. A gratifying moment comes when a non-believer has a reading and they leave believing and hopefully continuing with readings and guidance in their life. On the flip side, although it seldom happens, someone comes in who is unreadable ~ someone who is shut down or difficult. It is rare. Even those who come in for the entertainment value, expecting a bit of charade, treat the experience with respect.

Cathia relayed the incident of one time while doing a reading; she asked the customer if he has some sort of travel planned. When he relied that he did, she immediately advise against it, feeling a negative energy surrounding his plan. Her client took her advice and stayed home; good thing ~ his travel date was set to 9/11/2001 headed to New York. Attribute that to coincidence or chance, but for the man who heeded the caveat, it could have been life saving. One can never know for certain. As Cathia says, "It all depends on the person." But it's very hard to be skeptical when you get a reading from someone who knows nothing about you, but they're spot on.

Along with tarot reading, Cathia also offers psychic reading, palm reading, crystal readings, past life regression and chakra balancing. For a palm reading, she will read the energy in your hands, surprisingly not simply the lines, which Cathia says is for amateurs. Crystal readings using a crystal ball are also something completely different than what those of us know from movies and TV: she doesn't stare into a crystal ball, seeing an actual person there (something akin to the pre-tornado seen in "The Wizard of Oz) ~ no, you (as the client) actually hold the crystal ball in your hands and she reads the energy emanating. To know your past life, she will also feel your energy, connecting it with your personality. Cathia pointed out that this is useful in helping to understand where fears and phobias come from, along with who you are as a person.

Chakra balancing is another of Cathia's offerings. The 7 main energy centers in the body or Chakras (meaning "wheel"), correlate to our strengths and dysfunctions. The chakras are constantly rotating, but as it's believed, when your emotional state will be weak, you then have a physical dysfunction, with the chakras becoming blocked or stagnant ~ so its necessary to balance them, returning a sense of rhythm to your emotional and physical being. Crystal reading works off of your energy as well, using crystals to balance any that are off, depending on struggles you may be going through.

The gift that Cathia has is quite fascinating, and while it may not be for everyone, you don't know until you give it a try. She certainly is not out to sell anyone on the idea, yet has what you might call an inner confidence combined with an amazingly peaceful aurora that may just be psychic. Whenever on Prospect, while taking in the ocean breeze, as you pass the sign Psychic Readings, what's 45 minutes in the hourglass of time? What's in the cards may prove to be life changing.