One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well!

By: Gilda Adler
if one has not dined well 1 3

And well indeed should we all. The flavorings and taste of a fine meal, be it with family inside Grandma’s kitchen or seated to dine within a fine eatery; this communal gathering at tableside, with stories shared, fears revealed, opinions voiced, the joyous laughter or the shedding of tears has for generations shown how the power of food, shared by family or perhaps new-found friends brings warmth to our hearts.


No matter the degree of difference that may divide us, food’s arrival upon the table seems to invoke, if only temporarily, a meeting of the minds that allows for sharing between us. It is our ultimate comforter, our family therapist; our coveted joy. A familiar aroma pulls us back to our childhood kitchen, the aroma indelibly etched in our memory. And so it is with photography.


A powerful photo is a timeless photo, its strength preserves the moment, its recording will forever rekindle the feeling. It is why I have chosen photography as my workplace passion. As a professional food photographer, I have the privilege to shoot for some of the most accomplished restaurateurs’ and culinary talents in the industry. My challenge is to reveal the creative genius of the Chef and the vision behind their culinary display. After all, as these delectable selections orate, thereby attesting to cuisine’s seductive power, who would not want to join us at tableside, with the one’s that we love, and where we all belong.