Seldom Do I Drink The Kool-Aid

Yet This Flavor Showed Promise

Marnie Greenberg, discovering her intuitive and healing abilities at age 5, eventually traveled the far corners of the globe in search of Masters in the art of healing. As Co-Creator of the universally acclaimed Yuen Method, she and legendary 35th generation Shaolin Kung-Fu Grandmaster, Dr. Kam Yuen have co-authored their latest Amazon International Best Selling Book, Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot.

Let me be clear, I almost never drink the kool-aid, be it the latest wonder diet, Transcendental Meditation or the likes of circling in a group while holding hands at a prayer meeting. It is simply not me. Perhaps it was the years of catholic schooling where the required leap of faith seemed always to leave me on the same shoreline. I see myself as an optimistic pragmatist, quite willing to be the adventurer, but uncommonly suspect when shown the perceived snake oil.

So why was I sitting there, touching my spine and repeating words into the telephone as directed by one Marnie Greenberg? Honestly, I did it as a lark, and although I dutifully listened and followed a pattern of instruction as she reported on the "files" within me that she was deleting and the "connections" being erased, deep within the subconscious, I felt neither euphoric nor drained. I felt no different, mentally or physically, although she would say that physical ailments, had there been any, would also have been deleted and as remarkable as it may sound, they would vanish.

So why then am I writing this testimonial? Simply stated, that when asked by Marnie what goals had I in mind to improve my present circumstance, I replied that financial prospects have been bleak during Covid, and an improvement there would be helpful. 

After two sessions, and over these past 4 weeks, 9 major financial deals were finalized, 6 of them dropping in from out of nowhere. After each session, I felt no different, was assigned no mantra, nor was I convinced anything had occurred. She simply deleted some "files," and there sit those 9 deals. And although I continue to be positively pragmatic, something, somehow occurred. I'm just sayin'.

Richard Clemens  SD  CA