Through The Lens

A Photographer's Insight Into The Challenges And Joyful Moments Of Everyday Life

By: Gilda Adler
As a photographer, I witness events that can be exhilarating and those that can be heart wrenching. I see tears of joy create a brilliant facial sheen on an expectant Mom, the joyous smiles of a bride on her wedding day, the proud countenance on the parent of a graduating senior, and the love and relief shared by loved ones surrounding a returning service member.

I also witness tears of deep saddened loss by those facing disability, hardship or the loss of a loved one. it is true that a powerful image can speak 1,000 words, and its emotive power needs no translation and shares no boundary. It is at these moments in time that my wish is to somehow, through the magical power of a lens, offer comfort and support. As my image would bring joyous memories to those in laughter to be rekindled over a lifetime, so too do I imagine that one very powerful image might bring an awareness to those in grief, lend itself toward healing, and perhaps break the barriers of loneliness and sadness.

I am ever so grateful that with my camera I am given the opportunity to preserve the highlights of a celebratory event, to help treasure the memory of a lost loved one and as meaningful, to lend support to the many who consistently work tirelessly behind the scenes at non-profit events to help raise funds to benefit the disadvantaged. My presence at these gala events becomes a humbling experience, understanding the countless hours that those who serve their community by raising awareness of the less fortunate have devoted to the cause. If my images of those in attendance, to be shared within our communities in some small way supports their noble efforts, my purpose will have been fulfilled.

There is no meaningless gesture toward kindness, no donation of time too small to measure. By whatever means we may offer, be it time, money or love to one distressed, to the animal shelter, the children's hospital or a veteran in need, there are endless ways for each of us to contribute in support of so many who do find themselves in need.