Women's Museum of California

"Presenting the past ... Inspiring the Future"


The Woman’s Museum of California located in San Diego’s beautiful Point Loma at Liberty Station deserves special mention. The museum holds something for everyone, be they male or female, young or old. It truly is an eye-opening experience and most definitely worth a visit.The museum features traveling exhibits, vintage clothing events, a wine, cheese and chocolate festival, and even a Suffrage Ball. The catalyst for this dream to become reality was Mary Maschal. It began in 1983, then simply an extensive collection of memorabilia and artifacts 

within her private home in Golden Hills, eventually consuming nearly every room in the household. In 1995, she was encouraged to open her home to the public for viewing, which was so well receive that the Women’s History Reclamation Project was thereafter officially established. With assistance over these many years from numerous volunteers, patrons and staff, the museum has continued to expand.

In 2011, the name was changed to The Women’s Museum of California with the tag line, "Presenting the past … Inspiring the Future.”

Its gift store is filled with crafts made by a variety of local artists. Art and photography exhibits interchange regularly and a Women’s Film Festival is held periodically. The museum has a Blog known as “The Blab,” which claims to have an opinion on everything.

The museum’s historical gems bring to life the history of women’s struggle for equality over the ages, during times when the emphasis was on a women ‘knowing her place,’ whereas it was known to be said that ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history.’  History in that regard is well documented and ingeniously well presented in the museum at Liberty Station