About Us

Our Goal

Our primary focus is on the expansion and growth of your business, and our personalized marketing campaign is custom designed to achieve this objective. Working together we become an integral part of your team, assisting you in the achievement of your business goals.

Our Readership

North County is home to some of the most professional and influential people in all of San Diego. For decades, La Jolla has been noted as the Jewel of the Pacific, Rancho Santa Fe has been recognized as the second wealthiest community in North America, Del Mar, with its colorful history and prestigious location on the shoreline adds luster to the sheen as do the communities of Solana Beach, Encinitas, and Carlsbad.

Our Magazines are direct-mailed to every business and residence in Rancho Santa Fe along with business and premier residences in La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas and Carlsbad, accounting for over 75% of our publication. Coupled with our Social and Digital Media, our publications reach directly into the homes of this Informed, educated, upscale clientele making us a source of marketing that is difficult to surpass.

The resulting exposure our clients receive from this upscale demographic is simply enormous. With a focus on exceptional literary content, and a readership in excess of 100,000, our publication has rapidly become a prominent feature of North County life.

Our Team

  • Robert Kenyon
    Publisher & Editor

    Robert Kenyon began publishing in 1989 with the mailing of a luxury-styled custom travel brochure highlighting worldwide travel. Some four years ago in 2014, Robert began Discover North County / Discover Rancho Santa Fe Magazines and the recently launched Discover America's Finest City® Magazine with the primary goal of promoting First Cabin Travel. 


    His focus was on offering an excellence in literary content, while creating a window of opportunity for others seeking to gain marketplace exposure for their products or services in a luxury-styled magazine at uncommonly reasonable pricing. The corollary to that successful campaign has been to offer local non-profit charitable organizations a conduit to showcase their worthy efforts at making a difference to those in need within all of our treasured communities.


    The First Cabin Travel marketing campaign with both print and social media has worked extremely well and offers the same successful result for your product line or services.

  • Amy Davis
    Fashion Editor At Large
    Amy Davis of The Establishmint specializes in Photographic Styling. 

    Photoshoots can range in character from creative editorial styling, to commercial pieces, including magazine content and catalogue work.

    Best known for her ability to blend vintage style into modern on-trend fashion stories, her styling has been featured in numerous US and in European publications. 

    Her signature style aesthetic is funky and eclectic, incorporated into an always sophisticated and elegant theme.  With a love for iconic vintage style and art, she loves to blend today’s fashion with items from the past and produce cutting-edge, contemporary fashion stories.

  • Gilda Adler
    Lead Photographer & PR Specialist

    Gilda Adler, owner of Gilda Adler Photography specializes in corporate and family portraits, fashion, gala events and food photography, intertwined with a business acumen in PR promotion both in print and social media.

    Her photographic style is both honest and organic while simultaneously vibrant and imaginative. Her passion for the arts and culture combined with her photographic expertise creatively captures the ultimate desired effect. Her meticulous editing style mirrors truth and illuminates the qualities of her subjects. 

    Be it an editorial, Cover Feature or portrait session, her brilliance in capturing the moment goes unsurpassed.

  • Dione Becker
    Executive Sales Consultant
    Dione Marie Becker, owner of Dione Marie CREATIVE and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu La Jolla is a Brand Strategist with 25 years of experience.  She is passionate about producing meaningful results in everything she touches.  

    Working with a team of experts, Dione activates a wide spectrum of limitless potential, endless relationships and creative resources to launch and oversee innovative marketing/advertising campaigns for her clients.  

    Dione takes pride in producing quantifiable, measurable results.  
  • Becki Freed
    Brand Strategist & Photographer

    Becki Freed is the owner of Becki Freed Legacy Photography. Branding and photography, two of her favored passions led her to team up with this luxury-styled magazine and the talented professionals listed here to offer business owners an easy, affordable way to use stunning print media to brand themselves to a highly sought after target market!


    Becki offers Branding, Commercial, and Event photography services to a wide range of clientele in Southern California. She also freelances for charitable organizations and fashion designers, and her photographs have been published in numerous Southern California magazines. She will provide exquisite photos for you to use in your magazine ad and article, and the photos that you will receive as part of this package will then be yours to keep and use as you wish, perhaps on your website or in your marketing materials.