About Us

Our History

Raised in Massachusetts, Robert Kenyon, at the young age of 17 served with the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam. Upon his return, Kenyon earned a degree in law and practiced with the San Diego District Attorney’s office for six years. His acquired love of Asia and passion for travel overcame his zeal for law, and he became a luxury tour manager, which took him to the far reaches of the globe.

Developing a reputation for excellence, and an increasingly strong client base, in 1989 Kenyon launched First Cabin Travel. Today, some 30 years later, Kenyon’s customized tours, complete with private guides, private drivers, private vessels, and the finest of accommodation, offers unparalleled luxury for the discerning traveler to destinations worldwide. To further his network of luxury travel for his ever increasing clientele, Robert has traveled to a staggering total of 172 countries. His continued perseverance in consolidating his network has enabled him to offer his luxury travel services to clients at uncommonly reasonable rates.

Armed with this vast experience, early in 2014 Kenyon founded “Discover Custom Media” and launched what was to be the first of his luxury living magazines, “Discover North County Magazine.” Today, almost 6 years later, the magazine editions have greatly expanded to include Discover North County, Discover Rancho Santa Fe, Discover La Jolla, and Discover America’s Finest City® which have rapidly gained a reputation for quality and excellence that continues to expand its sphere of influence as the standard for luxury living across San Diego and beyond.

Our Mission

We will constantly strive through exceptional content and honest marketing to engage, stimulate, entertain and increase awareness to those who live or aspire to the Southern California Quality Lifestyle!

Community & Sponsorship

As we continue to receive top billing for our photo shoots at galas throughout the county, this year Discover Custom Media will be a Media Sponsor for the La Jolla Film Festival, the Jewel Ball, Symphony at the Salk, Fur Ball, the SD Film Festival, Miracle Babies, the Children’s Museum, and the Nordic Nights Galas. We also support charitable events offering special rates and free marketing to worthy causes within our community.

Community & Sponsorship

Discover Custom Media is constantly engaged in striving for excellence. Plans for 2020 will focus primarily on the implementation of ideas and suggestions put forward from our recent readership survey. Look forward to new and interesting articles, the introduction of our new Discover Blog and other exciting features.

Our Director of Marketing and Business Development, Derek Fullerton has a lifetime of experience in Finance and Marketing having held the position of CEO with three corporations. If your contemplating a business expansion, and would welcome a fresh perspective, Fullerton offers a totally free market & ROI analysis which will greatly assist in your business development. Why not give him a call, there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever!