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Born and raised in San Diego, his father a Pastor, who overtime began a church of his own in El Cajon, raised the family as church goers who both sang at choir and played piano. Although all of the siblings could sing, none ever chose to make a career of it, nor did Randy at the very start. His mother, the pianist in church, and who also promoted piano within the home provided all of the...
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Born in Hungary in the 1930's as an only child, Frank Iszak, the son a railroad worker received a scholarship to a private school run by a French based clerical order named Premontre St.Norbert. Having completed his eight years of study, his plans were to attend the University of Literary Sciences with personal aspirations to become a journalist, whereas the Communist regime thought otherwise....
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John Farris is certain to be one of the more likable personalities that you will find in the Ranch. It just so happens that once in the saddle during a competition, his demeanor is elevated to another realm, and be you calf or competitor, you will feel his presence to be rather intimidating. A Ranch resident at 72 years strong, he holds rein on 16 Championship Titles, 4 Saddle Titles and on...
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