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Phō, pronounced (fuh), originated in the north of Vietnam in the early 20th century and primarily used beef bones to make the broth. A far more healthy version consists of a vegetarian broth, filled with rice noodles, sautéed ginger, tofu mushrooms, thin slices of red pepper, slices of green scallions, bean sprouts and heads of broccoli, which when stirred among the rice noodles, intensifies...
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Having for several years been the lead photographer for Discover Magazines, our readership is quite familiar with the excellence of her photographic acumen as a lifestyle photographer capturing the joyous mood of attendees at one of San Diego's innumerable galas or shooting a refined image to grace the front Cover of a special edition of the publication. Offering us the opportunity to learn...
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The "Gong Bath" has become a popular wellness practice. People come to shed their stress and take a psycho-acoustic getaway to heightened state of consciousness. A "Gong Bath" can look like a big slumber party; everyone lays down on thick pads around the gong as is "bathed" in waves of resonance from these ancient instruments for an hour or two. The gong is meant to induce a holistic resonance...
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