14th Annual Spirits Festival

San Diego Spirits Festival held its 14th Annual gala on October 7-8th at the prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla. The gala event each year is all about Lifestyle, with attendees celebrating San Diego as their Lifestyle Destination 

Guests were invited to taste a wealth of San Diego's Cocktail Culture with the San Diego Spirits Festival as the major Cocktail Cultural extravaganza celebrated annually at the end of summer in San Diego. 

In 2022 the event was moved to beautiful La Jolla by the Sea.​ The goal of the San Diego Spirits Festival is to advance the industry and all that it encompasses via market launches, industry advancement and exposure, product innovation, education, and directly engaging with your target audience and of course, a good time filled with entertainment camaraderie and just good fun.

The two-day festival continues to be one of the more popular events within the community and plans are in the making for its return on September 28-29th, 2024 at the same beautifully adorned and magnificent location on the La Jolla shoreling.

Photography by Bryan Dahl