Haunted Couture Gala

The National Cheers Foundation established in the summer of 2012 by a group of caring professionals and community leaders in La Jolla, California and led by Ms. Anseth Richards held their Haunted Couture evening on October 27th at the La Jolla Country Club.

The eventing began at the six o’clock Witching Hour with a Fabulously Frightening arrival that guided guests into a Mystic Cocktail Party. Spooktacular Spirits were abundantly flowing the entire evening from the Haunted Hosted Bar! A Scary Silent Auction & Bone Chilling Entertainments delighted all guests, and at the half-past hour, attendees were invited to enjoy decadent dinning at the Sumptuously Spooky Seated Dinner. 

Afterwards, guests gathered their Broomsticks and floated out to the Dance floor to enjoy Dancing to the live music of NRG Music & Production with an abundance of Delectable Desserts, and for those daring souls, readings at the Séance table. 

National Cheers Foundation

What We Believe
We at the National Cheers Foundation believe in “Celebrating Life through Life’s Celebrations.” It is our mission to empower women to live life with vitality, free from the five primary health threats, which are heart disease, mental illness, cancer, osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases. We intend to raise funds in support of organizations that endeavor to help women improve their lives through care, health, education, empowerment, research and support. 

What We Do

The National Cheers Foundation was established in the summer of 2012 by a group of caring professionals and community leaders in La Jolla, California. Facilitated by our annual gala and “joie de vivre” grant program, the foundation raises funds to support medical research and health institutions, health advocacy groups and outreach programs, and has developed a resource and educational program that offers to women the ability to empower themselves. 

We Give Thanks

We are currently interviewing applications for our annual round of funding. Non-profits throughout San Diego County are invited to apply for our annual grants through January 31st, please visit our Grant Page for details. Please be assured that these submissions are thoroughly vetted and members of our grants team personally do onsite visits for each applicant that meets our Women’s Health criteria. We give thanks to our sponsors who generously support our gala. This allows us to maximize our contributions to all our beneficiaries.

Photography by Robert O'Neill