Jewel Ball Gala

The first Jewel Ball gala was held in 1947 – attracting 200 guests, and raising $1,357. At that time, La Patronas included 14 members who contributed handmade decorations. Today, the 50 active members of Las Patronas proudly carry on the traditions of our founding members. We still build the design elements offsite and transport them, piece by piece, to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club to ultimately create one of San Diego’s best fêtes, The Jewel Ball.

The 73rd Jewel Ball, Wonderland, gave all guests the key to a journey down the rabbit hole, imagining a fantasy world where the impossible became possible. Sipping on the night's signature cocktail, one might find themselves ‘shrunken’ and surrounded by giant flowers, butterflies and mushrooms. Attendees readily imagined the Queen of Hearts inviting them to a game of croquet with her flamingo mallets. A deck of cards could come to life, a magician performing feats before their very eyes, and the roses properly painted red, so attendees didn't loose their heads. Guests relished the excellence of cuisine and beverage during the lively reception, and thereafter were whisked into the Mad Hatter’s Ballroom where playful and elegant intertwined in the most wonderful way whilst dancing to the sounds of live entertainment under the stars before finding their exit away from the briar patch.

Photography by Gilda Adler

Gilda Adler Photography