Saved In America

Our Mission

Locate. Your. Child.

At no charge to families, we work to locate missing and runaway children – one of the groups most vulnerable to sexual exploitation. For victims of sexual exploitation, we assist in procuring legal representation, safe housing, and rehabilitative therapy. 

We also provide assistance to high risk juvenile shelters to protect the children from further exploitation by pimps and predators.

Who We Are
A non-profit of former law enforcement officers and Navy SEALS-turned licensed, insured private investigators. 

SAVED IN AMERICA assists parents and law enforcement in locating missing and runaway children. Our WorkSince 2014, SIA has assisted in the investigation and locating of over 100 children from California to Florida. 60% of all recovered children were found before being trafficked.

“You stepped up to the plate when we were in desperate need of searching for our missing 16 year old daughter.”— ANONYMOUS PARENT

Photography by Gilda Adler