Destination India

No one may lay claim to the mark of a Traveler having not visited India

By: Timothy Moonstone
Upon arrival into the wonder that is India, one begins to sense a pulsating rhythm that seemingly orchestrates this multi-tiered democracy of over one billion inhabitants. Clearly it is impossible to look in a single direction and capture all of the colors, sights or sounds emanating from such a diversified populace. Although the government recognizes Hindi as its Mother tongue, with 30 different languages spoken across the country, English is recognized as India's second language and most Indians that a traveler will meet while en route across the breadth of the nation speak a very proper English. 

With former palaces reserved for accommodations, exotic varieties of eastern and western cuisine available for ones dining pleasure and welcomes normally afforded to royalty, a journey to India offers remarkable rewards to the willing traveler. Every passing hour is unlike the last and differs from the one to follow. The country simply offers the grandest of touring pleasures, with monuments and temples, shrines, customs, sights, cuisine and service that go unmatched elsewhere.


Each of its cities and regions offer dramatically different venues, with their own wealth of historical and cultural treasures. The Taj Mahal, Fatephur Sikri, the Red Fort and the River Ganges, the Pink City of Jaipur, the Tiger sanctuary at Rathambore, the Golden Temple at Amritsar, and the fascinating Jain Temple at Jaisalmer speak to just a few of the remarkable treasures to be found while traveling the country.


India never fails to provide the willing traveler with a genuine wealth of touring opportunities. If you have not already claimed the mark of a Traveler, surely it is time.