Gilda Adler

Defining The Art Of Photography

Having for several years been the lead photographer for Discover Magazines, our readership is quite familiar with the excellence of her photographic acumen as a lifestyle photographer capturing the joyous mood of attendees at one of San Diego's innumerable galas or shooting a refined image to grace the front Cover of a special edition of the publication. Offering us the opportunity to learn more about how she defines her role as photographer, we met with Gilda and ascertained greater insight into her creative genius. 

Tell us a bit about yourself as a photographer?

I am a freelance photographer, which means that sometimes I will work for well-known organizations that need coverage and sometimes for different prestigious magazines including Discover Magazines. I am very honored and humbled to be helping out in any way that I can.

Over the years have you developed a certain style?

A photographer's style should always be evolving, and while it is the same for me, I also try to stay true to an honest, organic style. With galas and private events, I am intent on capturing the true spirit of the event, the fun, the candor, and the glamour.

What is your speciality?

Often I am asked that question, and while I believe other professionals such as doctors need to be highly specialized in one area, as a photographer, I like to have flexibility. I love what I do and I want to stay open to new opportunities and challenges. It really comes down to knowing the intricacies of your equipment and how well you can make proper adjustments with focusing and lighting given the parameters of the setting, while also connecting and bonding with your client, and providing them with a picture perfect rendition of the scene. 

I challenge myself at each and every event or private, personalized shooting to combine my years of experience with the thought of developing a new approach, which in combination will capture that perfect moment in time.

Are you a portrait photographer as well?

I do Portrait and Branding Photography, Corporate Photography, Glamour Portraits, Family and Event Photography, as well as Food and Beverage Photography. The one exclusion is Wedding Photography, which I choose to leave to others. Otherwise, if you approach me with a project that excites me, I'm in!

What are the challenges you see about a career in photography?

Staying inspired, keeping the passion going, being creative all while trying to successfully run a business.

What's the best tip you can give to a budding photographer?

Take the time to know and understand the limits and possibilities provided by your equipment. Having a bigger and better camera and lens means little if you do not step up and learn how to manually control the settings. Risk leaving the automatic "Green Zone" on the dial and take a step onto the wild side, which if you master it manually, the results will speak volumes. Professional results require a lot more than just point and shoot.

What current projects are you working on"

I have a very exciting project I am currently working on, however, I can't disclose much about it yet. All I can say is that it includes highlighting some of San Diego's VIPs, who are indeed changing our world for the better.

What's your favorite quote?

"the meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away"
Pablo Picasso

Written by Rick Melody