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First Cabin Travel has offered luxury-styled travel at surprisingly affordable rates

Luxury Styled Travel Since 1989 – Leave the world of tourism and become a traveler enjoying the wealth of benefits derived with the services of a private car, private driver, private guide, including hotel, breakfast and lunch at a rate that is surprisingly affordable given the quality of the experience. First Cabin Travel, since 1989 has offered custom luxury-styled itineraries to unique and various destinations. 

The majority of bookings are derived from repeat clientele and their ever-so-enthusiastic referrals. First Cabin's primary focus is on Asia, India, and South America, as well as safari to Africa. One should note that safari to Africa does not include private driver and private guide as most camps will use a shared vehicle for all safari runs.What should a traveler expect in accommodations? 

At certain Third World destinations, the accommodations and service would rival and even surpass what could be found in Europe. There are safari camps where one would have to touch the canvas to confirm that it was a tent they were assigned for the night. The accommodations in India are palatial, in a literal sense as hoteliers have refurbished former palaces. In Hoi An, Vietnam, the Nam Hai Resort would compare favorably with any resort along the California coast.  

In recent years, most governments in the Third World have encouraged a free economy and the infrastructure has truly improved dramatically. The result is that First Cabin can offer some four-star boutique hotels that are perfectly clean and comfortable. Travelers need decide whether they prefer the luxurious amenities of a five-star property, which in itself can be a highlight of the journey, or whether they want to focus on spending the majority of the day exploring and thereafter use the accommodation simply for a respite from touring.  By using small boutique hotels, the cost of the holiday tour can substantially be reduced, albeit the enjoyment and pleasure gained from a 5-star experience at one of the luxurious properties can also weigh in its favor. It is for the traveler to decide. 

Since 1989, First Cabin Travel has created luxury-styled custom itineraries to unique and various destinations world-wide with the mainstay of bookings derived from repeat clientele and their enthusiastic referrals. Visit our website and choose from our most popular itineraries or choose to with our assistance to create your own personalized itinerary as an individual or with family and friends.

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