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During times of crisis, loved ones passed away can provide guidance

How to answer the call from the Other Side. During times of crisis, we often miss the support, nurturing and guidance of loved ones who have passed away. We wonder what they might say to us if they were here. They grounded us and helped us feel safe during difficult times.  Although they are not with us physically, it is natural to feel their calming spirit. Even those previously skeptical about the idea that there is life after life have expressed undeniable experiences that have changed their paradigm forever. 

Some of us have been conditioned to believe that unless we experience something with our five senses, it doesn’t exist, but science has come a long way since Newtonian physics. Quantum physics and studies in neuroscience have shown that our existence is far more than what we can see in our 3D “reality.” We can feel and describe someone’s vibes, for example, even though we cannot see them. We can sense when someone is looking at us from behind. Other times, we think of someone we haven’t spoken to for years right before they call. It is common for people to say that they awoke at the exact time their loved one died. Why is that? Because we naturally pick up on energy and vibration, whether with a person, animal or spirit. We are all connected. 

Below are some frequently asked questions I receive in my private practice and in my intuitive-development classes. In answer to these questions, I am sharing what I have learned through extensive study in science, as well as what I have found throughout my life as a psychic and in working with my clients over the past 20 years.  

How does science help to explain psychic ability and our connection with the other side? 

Everything that exists is energy. Matter is not solid; at the subatomic level, it is a collection of particles and waves of energy. Particles are like little wave packets. Matter is vibration. 

Scientists used to think there was empty space between the stars in the next galaxy and each one of us, but research from many physicists, including David Bohm, has revealed groundbreaking evidence that a web of energy exists that connects everything in the cosmos.  That includes human brains: “In altered states of brain and mind, the brain waves of different individuals, even if separated by finite distances, become synchronized and the rhythms exhibited by one are picked up by the others. The universe, including human beings, is fundamentally, and, as it appears, ‘nonlocally’ coherent.” (Ervin Laszlo, Quantum Shift in the Global Brain, p. 152.) 

Quantum entanglement and nonlocality are terms used in quantum physics to describe when one quantum object “influences another without signals through space and without taking a finite time.” Nonlocality implies transcendence. “It follows that all quantum  waves of possibility reside in a domain that transcends space and time.” (Amit Goswami, Physics of the Soul, p. 14.) Quantum entanglement helps to explain how we can read thoughts and feelings through telepathy and connect to all planes and dimensions. 

A sea of energy exists that allows for instantaneous information. It extends throughout the universe. You can think of this sea as universal consciousness with each one of us a whitecap with our own individual expression and with innate access to this universal intelligence. Scientists describe this in depth as the Zero Point Field.  

How can you do an intuitive session by phone and from miles away? Don’t you have to be in front of a person or holding an object or something? 
No. We are not separate or confined to the limits of our skin. We have expandable, permeable boundaries and can pick up information in the quantum field anytime and anywhere. As quantum entanglement tells us, we do not have to be co-located, because we are entangled through energy. Your deceased loved one is in another dimension, but we can connect with them!   

How can we make the connection? 
When I am doing an intuitive session, whether I am connecting psychically to someone on planet Earth, Divine guidance or a spirit, I slow my brain waves down from beta to alpha or theta and send loving thoughts to my client. This quiets my egoic mind chatter and allows my brain waves to sync with the stronger electromagnetic rhythms of my heart, creating a heart-brain coherence. This attunement allows me to have a resonance with my client and with those they want to reach, whether through telepathy or mediumship. I raise my energy/vibration very high, and the spirit world lowers its vibration, so we have a connection. Think of a radio receiver picking up radio waves.  

What are spirits like in the afterlife?  How can I tell if it’s my loved one? 
Spirits on the other side do not have an ego. I would describe their energy as love. They have a calming influence. They will guide and support you without any judgment. They come through with the same personality they had on Earth but with greater wisdom. For example, if your loved one was assertive and expressive on Earth or quiet and shy, they will come through with those attributes. They will often use the same expressions and mannerisms they had on Earth. They are often funny, and they want you to be joyful too! 

If a person was “difficult” for you or had many issues they had trouble overcoming in their lifetime, now, in spirit, they have insight and awareness and can account for their behaviors. This is tremendously helpful and healing for those they impacted while they were here.

How do they get our attention? 
People commonly experience visits from their loved ones in vivid dreams or just upon waking or going to sleep because their brain waves are slow and their unconscious receptive. In addition, how we pick up intuitive and psychic information is based on our learning style and whether we are primarily visual, auditory or kinesthetic. You may feel tingles and a change in air pressure. You may hear a buzzing in your ear, a quiet voice in your mind’s ear or their favorite song. In your mind’s eye, you may visualize your loved one or see words and symbols. You may even smell their favorite perfume or cigar. It is common for me to smell alcohol and feel dizzy if someone on the other side was addicted to substances. Sometimes the living can be startled by these occurrences, but that is certainly not your loved one’s intention – they are trying to get your attention!  

 I wasn’t with my loved one when they passed away. I rarely can make it to their grave. Are they upset with me? 
No. I often hear experiences of family members spending several days/weeks by their loved one’s bedside only to leave for a couple of minutes and return to find that their loved one passed on without their being there. Passing away is a very intimate process, and some people, particularly strong caregiving types, are more comfortable crossing over on their own. Because our spirit is nonlocal, your loved one may have been with you whether you realized it or not. In addition, they are not at their gravesite unless that is where you prefer to connect with them. You can connect with them anytime and anywhere. They love you; they would never be mad at you.  

My loved one died due to violence. Are they angry at the perpetrator? 
No. I work with Citizens Against Homicide and the Crime Wire Investigation Bureau helping to solve homicide cases psychically and psychologically. Anger and resentment are not emotions that I have experienced from a deceased loved one. Instead, they are concerned about family and friends here and want them to live their lives peacefully and happily. They understand their death in the context of their soul’s development that is beyond our limited earthly view.  

Do they approve of the decisions I have made since they passed away? 
They honor your freedom to choose and want you to be empowered to make decisions that you feel are best for you. They do not judge. They know we are here to learn and empathize with the challenges we face. They want us to remember our innate brilliance and hold us lovingly in light as we uncover and express our spirit.  

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Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A., is a human and organizational-development specialist, psychic medium, counselor, executive coach and public speaker. She has been featured on ABC, NBC and CBS, and has been a regular on FM radio.