Real Time Magic

And You Thought You've Seen Real Magic

Magic Mike Stilwell combines magic with personality, bowler or top hat in place, a warm Cheshire cat smile across his lips, with his masterful, decades-honed expertise, he leaves both young and old in total wonderment and sheer delight. As one of the country's leading corporate magicians, Stilwell finds his calendar filling years in advance, and understandably so given the utmost quality of his masterful performance and the utter astonishment of those in attendance at his magical routine. Witnessing his slight of hand, while incredibly close to his audience, leaves one in amazement that it be true magic. 

"Magician of the Year" in the year 2005, Member of the Society of American Magicians since 1974, the International Brotherhood of Magicians since 1976, the Academy of Magical Art since 1981, and Member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Magic Mike has fine-tuned his talents these past decades, earning high praise and respect among those in the profession, while often leaving them and certainly those not of the trade in awe.

Beyond the pure excellence of his magical performance, Stilwell make the effort to learn about the event, who is guest(s) of honor, whatever special requests might play a role and thereafter, customizes his presentation to fulfill expectations.

His most recent book, "The Entertainer's Handbook ~ How To Be A Success In The Entertainment Industry" is found on In addition, for those curious souls wanting to know how it all happens, Magic Mike offers classes.

Having performed across the breadth of the nation, he is most appreciative of the heartfelt reception given to him these many years by San Diegans.