Strengthen Your Confidence

How To Become More Confident In Public


Why are certain things out of your comfort zone? What’s holding you back? After all, there’s a reason you always need a wingman (or woman) with you when you go to parties, or why you’ll never try parasailing on vacation, even though you know you have that lingering feeling to try, however, have forever held back.

Now, imagine your life in which you feel confident enough to try a new sport, or take the riskier business deal, or ask for the raise you know you deserve. Is it possible to get out of your own way? The answer is a resounding yes. Here is a list of ways that you can break out of your insecurities and start feeling more confident today.

Stand Tall

Turns out Mom was right when she said told you to “sit up straight” and keep your shoulders back. Experts agree that great posture equals greater confidence. So, stand tall. Use your body to trick your mind, and before long you’ll be one inch closer to a more confident version of yourself.

Play the Mental Game

Think about one moment that you completely owned. There must have been at least one. Like that time you gave the perfect toast at your friend’s wedding or landed that sweet summer gig. Just a few minutes of thinking back on these successes can boost your confidence, helping you arrive anywhere feeling your best.

Speak Up

What hurts confidence more than being caught totally off guard? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If it’s a party, ask the host or hostess questions to get the answers you need. Is the party BYOB? What’s the dress code? How can I help; what can I bring? Knowing these details allows you to be one step ahead of the game from the moment you arrive.

Prepare Yourself

Feel confident in public knowing that you are as prepared as possible. Consider the venue and then dress to impress, be it a gown, cocktail attire or a cool pair of sandals, t-shirt and shorts, understanding that you need to feel right sporting the outfit. Once chosen, own it, and present yourself as the fashion icon you know is within you. Choose to project a subtle confidence that speaks for itself and carries across the room. 

Listeners Are Most Welcome

Learn to become a good listener, making comments and asking questions about what you are hearing. Most want to tell their story; few are listeners. Project the confident self that you have brought to the event or party. Being a good listener allows you the opportunity to rather quickly discern who truly has an interest in you, if and when they ask your storyline, and actually show genuine interest. When you meet that person, be it a he or a she, grow the friendship. It has value.  

Credit (USA News)