Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

Time to assess the successes of those meaningful resolutions


Most if not all who subscribe to the practice of making New Year resolutions do so in multiples rather than singular form. The more committed one is to actually carry out these resolutions, the more likely are they to write them down and perhaps separating them in respect to a higher life goal and one more in tune with personal habits. Usually these resolution contain many common points cutting across age, sex and nationality.

The following are the top 10 New year Resolutions for each of those categories. One the higher life goal and the other those that pertain to changing a personal habit.

1. Resolve To Be Happy: If we consider deeply the aim of human life, it is to be happy and as humans, we have added many things for people to be happy. Even when we go through hardships to acquire some goal, that also is a form of happiness. This includes such resolutions as enjoying life more, traveling, setting aside more time with your family and friends.

2. Resolve To Be Healthy: To enjoy this happiness we must be healthy. Here health is defined in its wider mental, physical, spiritual, and social context. It is difficult to be happy without a healthy body and mind. Good health also leads to greater success, This includes the resolution to reduce fat, reduce stress, joining a gym, greater exercise and like-minded activities.  

3. Resolve To Be Successful: Life is incomplete without realizing your full potential and being successful. However, the definition of success may vary from individual to individual. Whatever your definition, you must resolve to be successful in life. Success is a great tonic relief for happiness and health. This includes your resolution to earn more money, time management, organization of if so chosen, beginning a business.

4. Resolve Others To Be Happy, Healthy, And Successful: No person is an island and one should not live for himself or herself. One finds themself happiest when others around them are happy and encouraging others can be as rewarding as following ones own resolve.

5. Resolve To Embrace Change: New Year resolutions are all about change. If you are not ready to change, why then make resolutions? A change in yourself, if necessary, a change in your environment, and if prudent a change in your relationships. One should not fear change, if the change will better themselves and perhaps those around them.

6. Resolve To Be Addicted To Your Resolutions: This is an absolute must to enhance that the changes will actually occur. Be mindful of them constantly. Write them down, read them often, and revise if need be. Above all, do not abandon them.

7. Resolve To Improve Your Time Management: The key to success is hard work and excellent time management to take full advantage of the time allotted each day.

8. Resolve To Set Your Priorities And Act Upon Them: Resolving to make changes in the New Year, however, not setting them as a priority because we do not find the time or choose to expend the effort to follow through makes them meaningless.

9. Resolve To Review The Resolutions For Progress Made: Resolutions made at the beginning of the New Year may be too ambitious given their amount or complexity. A few weeks into the New Year, one will realize what is possible and what seems to be unattainable. If there be good cause to adjust, refine or lessen the goal for one or more of the resolutions, it makes be sense to do so and achieve success at that level.

10. Resolutions Should Be A Stepping Stone: One should not try to resolve all of those changes one feels would improve their mind, body and spirit in one swift alteration of lifestyle or work habit. The resolutions chosen should be reachable and if need be, scaled back individually or as a whole to gain the sought after change or changes in the long run.